You can organize your own programs in Lužnica

If you are interested in organizing your own seminar or workshop, contact us by contact form, e-mail or telephone.

You can organize your own programs in Lužnica, we offer accomodation, usage of the rooms of the Lužnica Manor, equipment and much more!

  • Accomodation
  • Usage of manor rooms and equipment
  • Areas for socializing and recreation
  • Park for barbecue or picnic
  • Areas for prayer
  • Library, internet access
  • And much more...


A new modern guesthouse is located in close proximity to the baroque manor and amidst the park. The guesthouse has 53 single rooms, all with bathrooms and Internet connection. 5 of those single rooms can be used as twin rooms.

Conference halls and rooms

In the guesthouse there is a conference hall with capacity for 50 people.

In the manor there are two conference halls:

• The ceremonial conference hall in the castle can accommodate 80 people.

• The big conference hall in the manor’s basement can accommodate 150 people.

There are six larger and smaller rooms for additional work, all equipped with modern presentational aids.


The dining-hall is located in the castle and has the capacity for up to 80 people. We offer mostly our own food which also includes a rich vegetarian menu.

Places for Prayer and Meditation

Statue of the Virgin Mary

In the park, next to the manor, there is a Statue of the Virgin Mary. At the statue of the Virgin Mary you can pray and enjoy a candle light procession.

It is a peaceful place for praying and meditation.

Baroque chapel

In the manor there is a baroque chapel that can accommodate up to 60 people.

Modern chapel

In the new modern guesthouse there is a modern chapel that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Working area rooms

The working area rooms can be also used for various liturgical and prayer events.


The manor and its wonderful surrounding nature offer an ideal place to meet people and God. Here you can find a true oasis of tranquility where you can walk, meditate or just relax in peace.


Given that Lužnica is situated not far from various places of pilgrimage to Virgin Mary like Marija Bistrica, Kamenita vrata (Stone gate) and Trsat there is the great opportunity to visit those places.

Please ask for the relevant prospectus. We would be honored to advise you in this matter.

We can help you organize and perform your own event

In case you would like to organize your own event please do not hesitate to ask us for advice or help on organizing or performing it. We will gladly provide you with advice on creating your individual program (e.g. Manor sightseeing tour, Educational walking tour in the English garden).